Tema eseului : Sa inceapa cu propozitia " Emma could not believe what she saw in front of her " , sa contina 250 cuvine : ) al meu continte aproximativ 200 :-?? deja imi luasem paranoia dupa atatea aberatii ... :">

And here it goes ^^ ...

Emma could not believe what she saw in front of her. It was like the whole universe knew what had happened and nobody had the courage to warn her. She was simply amazed.
Also, I didn't know what she had seen. Maybe she woke up from the surgery. She came in for a hip bone replacement, but they replaced the wrong bone. Now, she/he/it will sue the hospital. Or it was a gipsy, she was working, she fainted. Or it was a dog. He was talking to a cat about the political problems of the fish realm. Or she saw her boyfriend doing the tango with the neighbours doberman. He was wearing a dress and the dog was smoking. Or it was Elvis. He came back to life to sing in Vegas. Or it was the roast chicken. It looked like a pizza quatro fromaggi. Or she saw her teeth. She had forgotten them in the glass by the bed. Or she saw her ex-boyfriend making love to her current boyfriend. She had mixed emotions, but then joined in. I think she saw her dinner. It looked much better going in.
However, she stopped using marijuana.
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